fire suppression system Cumming, GA

Is Your Restaurant Up-to-Code?

We'll inspect your fire suppression system in Cumming & Johns Creek, GA and surrounding North Georgia Area

Fire suppression systems use a combination of dry and/or wet agents to suppress equipment fires in kitchens. American Fire Systems offers fire suppression system inspection services in Cumming, Georgia and throughout the state of Florida.

We inspect systems for all kinds of restaurants. The National Fire Protection Association requires an inspection of your system twice per year so you can be sure it will do its job if a fire starts.

Call 770-904-1595 today to learn more about the fire suppression system inspection process for your Cumming, GA and surrounding North Georgia Area restaurant.

Make sure everything is working when you need it most

We will check all the major parts of your fire suppression system. An inspector will perform function tests to check the:

  • Gas connections
  • Fan system
  • Electrical connections

You can't afford to have a fire suppression system that doesn't work properly. Schedule a fire suppression system inspection in Cumming, GA and surrounding North Georgia Area